Monday, October 9, 2017

My 1977 FXE

I keep messing with her, replacing the stock tank with 3.5 gallon FX split tanks, removing fenders, chopping fenders, etc. But I honestly miss it being 100% stock like the pic here. You just don't see many unmolested Super Glides around anymore.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Shovelhead Trippin'

Took an overnight on the ol' 1977 FXE. Not a whole lot of riding' this summer what with buying a new house and being a 50yr old papa to a 4-yr old adorable little girl. About 400 miles of back roads and some super-slab. Ran strong and steady. People see me and look surprised that Im riding this 40 yr old bike in a sea of brand-new Harleys with brand new Harley outfits, brand new ape hangers, tough-guy posing. I just smile and putt on by, satisfied with the fact that I keep this bike on the road with my own two hands, like my father before me.