Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Shovelhead: The Sequel

I came across a 1977 Shovelhead FXE on Craigslist last week for a great price. I had to dip into our meager savings but decided I absolutely needed it. I sold my '80 Shovel a year or so ago and regretted that decision greatly, so now I have my second chance! The blurry picture in the ad showed a dirty FXE with flamed out Fat Bob tanks and FXWG wide glide front-end but otherwise stock. The ad had very little info but said it "needed some work"and had been up for over a month, so I figured since no-one has snatched it up, it must be a dog, but I called the guy and went to see it anyway. I get there the next morning to see a pretty damn nice FX that started up and ran smoothly. I asked the guy what "needed work" and he said the rear caliper needed bleeding and one turn signal didn't work. That was it. Then as an after thought, he said he had the complete original narrow glide front end AND original paint superglide he'd throw-in! I couldn't load it up into my trailer fast enough(:  photo IMG_8195_zpsy5srynok.jpg  photo 50689236135__CB7EB597-6FD2-438F-99F7-E4F2A27A69FA_zpsz0kgup38.jpg  photo 50689239358__0D43EBEB-3BD7-45BC-9454-5C950F3E2C0F_zps7dpwfqic.jpg I found out the bike belonged to this guys brother who died two years earlier of alcoholic hepatitis. Both he and the brother were Navy Viet Nam vets and the father was a WWII Navy flier. It was a bit of an emotional sale, but I promised to take care of his brothers prized possession, and I meant it.

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