Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What is it about Ironhead Sportsters?

I vowed never to own another one. Ive had 5 of the damn things, A 1970 XLH, a 1976 XLH, a 1963 XLCH, 1972 XLH, and a 1972 XLCH. I took a break for a couple of years and had a '80 Shovel, an assortment of BMW airheads, and now I just got ANOTHER 1972 XLCH. It came with an extra motor, frame, wheels, etc. Basically, a giant assorted pile of shit. Its in rough, beat-up shape. Exactly what I was looking for. I finally accepted the fact that Ironheads are dear to my heart. The first motorcycle I lusted after, due largely to the fact that my Dad rode one for years with his club. Some guys buy a Harley to just have a Harley, I always wanted a Sportster and didn't care too much for the other models. I appreciate Big Twins for what they are, don't get me wrong. Ill more than likely get another Shovel someday, but for now, its this.  photo IMG_0450_zps6fjvcczz.jpg  photo IMG_0395_zpsqrjaszcs.jpg  photo IMG_6822_zpsvfppq5vs.jpg


  1. Sweet bike - Funny story: I rebuilt a local's Ironhead one time. Installed motor for him in chassis. It looked great of coarse. He stated, "I'll do the wiring...I've wired cars, houses, etc" When I saw his bike later, his wiring looked like that ! All running on the outside of everything, with tape and colored zip ties - he passed me going the opposite direction one day, big smile, and I could see a red wire in the wind !

    1. Haha! My ol '63 XLCH was wired like that when I bought it. The PO couldn't get it started, so I tore all the wiring rats nest off, rewired it with about 4 wires and she kicked right up. I miss magneto bikes sometimes):