Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Shovelhead at the end of the world...

Well, I finally got a shovelhead. After years of wanting one but just never able to save up $5000 to $7000, I saw a 1980 FXWG on Craigslist one night for $3500. I couldnt really afford even that, but I had to jump on it. It looked a little rough but mostly stock(except for the ugly powder blue paint)and didnt run. The PO collapsed a lifter, which in turn cracked of a piece of the tappet block and then realized he wanted nothing to do with the bike after that. The next evening, I drove with my hapless girlfriend three hours in the darkest, shittiest, rain soaked weather on the most treacherous mountain coastal roads I've ever driven on, to go buy this thing. We almost turned back half a dozen times, especially after almost colliding with a huge fallen tree branch that fell across the road. Somehow, we made it to the guys house, loaded up the beast into the back of my 1998 Nissan 4-banger, and drove 3 more hours back. Now, I've driven to some wacky outta the way places before to pick up a bike, but this one was a true test. Honestly, If was for any other bike, I would'nt have even have considered spending the money right now, much less risking life and limb to go pick up the damn thing. But it was a shovel. Ugly, not running, but MINE. I'll post my progress as I go. I plan on going through the motor and repainting the ugly blue frame back to black and changing A LOT of stuff.

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