Monday, September 17, 2012

Turn, Turn, Turn...

Just got back from a motorcycle camping trip with my best buddy Tyler Adams up past Mt. Hood near Maupin OR. Slept next to our bikes in the dirt after downing a pint of Jameson and a fifth of single malt scotch while shooting the shit next to the fire. I loved every second of it. I rode the ol' 1972 XLCH (much to the bemusement of all the brand new Harley riding folk that seem to number in the hundreds)and had a blast riding an old, loud, vibrating piece of machinery I rebuilt with my own hands. Of course, it broke down on the way back home 30 miles east of Portland, a two dollar spring in the auto-advance assembly broke and dislodged the weights, but that's part of the adventure of riding a 40yr old bike, right? The whole experience got me thinking a little bit on the true nature of happiness and what really is important and substantial in our short lives. It seems a lot of people I know right now are having anxiety and serious doubts about what they're doing with their lives and what they WANT to be doing with their lives. Of course, I think the uncertainty with the economy, the upcoming election, the turmoil overseas, the horror show on the news everyday, etc have a collective effect on peoples psyche as a whole and makes us feel a certain undefinable dread deep down that seems, for me anyway, to color everything around us. A lot of friends and clients have been feeling vaguely distracted, distant from the spouses/partners, discontent with their jobs, etc. While I've been feeling the same way, I've also found that two words seems to help a lot in enabling me to deal with a majority of the day to day stress and the uncertainty I feel for the future: Fuck it. Simple as that. I got tired wasting precious days and time spent with family and friends worrying about things I CANNOT CONTROL. Sure, I could be better with my finances, I'm working on it, but stressing about losing my job, getting cancer, getting old, war, inconsiderate assholes, my bike breaking down, republicans, crime etc are things I can't do anything about so I'm not gonna worry about them anymore. Fuck it. I decided to enjoy every second spent in the company of my wonderful friends and family, my amazing daughter, my amazing son, my truly precious Jessica, My father, my sister, my brother who have been rocks for me, and of course, the best therapy there is, getting on my bike and RIDING. Fuck it. There, I feel better already.
Broke down!
Outside The Rainbow Tavern, Maupin OR.

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  1. Cool Post - Great Sportster. Write more stuff like that and take more pictures now that you said - Fuck It . . .