Monday, March 12, 2012

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Fred Neil-(1967)

Awesome, moody folk by this underrated genius.
You might think that giving Bob Dylan his first gig in New York, or penning the theme song to a Best Picture Oscar winner, would be enough to keep your records in print, but for 40 years Fred Neil’s best album was astonishingly difficult to find. Recorded in 1966, and released twice – in 1967 as Fred Neil and in 1969 as Everybody’s Talkin’ – the 10-song LP was roundly ignored by critics and listeners, causing Neil’s swift exit from music to be overlooked by nearly everyone, including devotees to artists whose careers he helped to nurture ––Dylan, Stephen Stills, David Crosby, Tim Buckley and Harry Nilsson.

It’s worth belaboring Neil’s association with Dylan because the latter casts the former in such stark relief. Dylan had that famously slack and nasal voice that tore across the cultural and historical landscape like a brush fire. Neil, by contrast, had a voice like an anchor – a weighty, bottomless tone that plumbed the depths of human existence."

Agreed. Get your folk on...

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