Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My '72 XLCH progress

Well, she's coming along. New brakes, pipes, handlebars,HB clamp, seat, Dunlop K70, fork gaiters, headlight/housing, chainguard, oil tank, battery tray, New Bendix carb,etc, etc, etc. Still got a ways to go...Took her out for a short run and she handles pretty badly, I suspect the swingarm bearings. It also takes about 30 kicks to get her started so Im buying a Mikuni to see how that works out. Why am I doing this, again?


  1. this is dhallilama from jockeyjournal... the Mikuni isn't the easiest starting carb for kicking. i replaced mine with a CV and will never look back for a kick-only bike. went from a best of ~8 kicks warm to 1 maybe 2 kicks warm.
    cold was a workout with the mikuni.

    you're welcome to borrow my mikuni if ya want to try it out...

  2. Thanks for the offer. Much appreciated! I already ordered one so we'll see how it works out. My old man ran a Mikuni on his '72 Ironhead way back when and said he loved it...I tried a CV but it the linkage wouldnt clear the tank/petcock.

  3. I took the Mikuni off of mine, it ran great when it would crank but was a pain. I installed a Bendix/Zeneith back on and it's been much better & reliable. Could be your timing is off or the flyweights are bad causing the start problems with the Bendix.
    Your handling problem could be the tires or even the stem/steering head bearings.

  4. Yeah, i sure like the bendix. I put a Dyna S EI on her so we'll see how that does.