Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Triumph LIVES

Well, I had finally hit a dead end. I'd fix one problem and another would appear in its place. The wiring was a disaster, and the bike just didn't run right! At first, I traced a big source of the problems to a faulty Sparx EI ignition board, but before I found that out, I replaced the original dual-carb head with an expensive single-carb TR6 head and brand new Amal, of course suspecting the carb. I remember my father saying to me years ago "9 out of 10 carb problems are electrical." He was right. I was fed up with it and tried to sell it, but no one was interested in a bike that ran poorly and I was wasn't willing to budge on the $3000 price. So, I finally decided to take it in to our local British bike wizard, DJ, owner of DJ's British Cycle. He doesn't advertise and his clientele is mostly from word of mouth. He's been working/racing British bikes for over 25 years and I'll dare to say that he's largely responsible for keeping most of Portlands vintage British bikes on the road.

I took my Bonnie over to him and in two days he called and said it finished! He completely rewired it, timed and tuned her. She runs like a COMPLETELY different bike. Starts on one kick, idles beautifully, and runs like beast. I'm SO glad I didn't sell her. DJ said the kill switch was intermittenly shorting out, which was the main source of the poor performance, coupled with inaccurate timing. I've put so much money into this bike that the thought of selling it for cheap and finding out later that it was those two small problems would have been a BUMMER. Oh well, now on to new paint!

Tyler Adams and DJ

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  1. Sweet Bonny, if I wasn't about to move I'd take it off your hands. Posted your bike on my blog: