Monday, May 30, 2011

First ride on my 1974 BMW R75

Well, tattooing has been hectic lately so progress on the Triumph has been slow. I plan on installing a new clutch, new rear Dunlop K70 tire, and I may get the tank repainted the '78 stock black with red scallops but I haven't decided yet, so I'm gonna give it a break for a while and enjoy my newly purchased 1974 BMW R75/6. I bought it criminally cheap and thought it would be nice to have a dependable (as a 37 year old bike can be)bike around to take some long trips on. Took it out to Sauvies Island and I'm surprised at how much I love this bike. It's not as thrilling, raw and visceral as my Ironhead Sportsters or my Triumph, but it has a sort of refined, dignified, solid quality to it that the other bikes don't have. Torquey, comfortable, classic and it seems to be most comfortable at 70mph+. I think I love it. Im on the fence about just selling the Triumph outright, but Im gonna stew on it awhile.

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