Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Goodbye 1972 Harley Sportster, Hello 1978 Triumph Bonneville

I thought my first posting would be tattoo related, but I decided Id share this instead.

It's been a strange and tumultuous year for me. Divorce, my mothers advanced illness, motorcycle wreck, turning 44 and having to start all over again, and finally to top it all off, having to sell my beloved 1972 Harley Sportster. I put a LOT of time and money into that bike, but I had pending debts from the divorce I had to pay immediately, so adios Harley. At this point, I have three options: crawl into a hole and drink alot, which I've been doing currently, crawl into a darker hole and drink even more or find something to help me retain my last thread of sanity. That has always been motorcycles.

Therapy has come in the form of a poor neglected Triumph T140 I'm purchasing from a guy who bought it, got into an accident, and let it sit in his garage for years. I really couldnt afford it, but we worked out a payment arrangement so I just couldn't pass it up. Plus, I've been wanting another Bonnie for awhile now after being in an Ironhead Sportster fervor for the past couple of years, So I'm looking forward to a new challenge.

There is something so classically beautiful about the look of a Triumph. They have such gorgeous lines stock from the factory that it's almost a shame to see them chopped up. Not that there isn't some amazing customs out there (re: Wes White at Four Aces)but my tastes run more towards classic/cafe styling, so thats the direction I'm going to go for this bike.

I plan on replacing all the electronics with solid state units, electronic ignition, new Dunlop K70s, ditch the turn signals, etc. Im debating heavily on purchasing a TR7 single carb head for ease of tuning, but Im not sure yet. I've already cleaned and rebuilt the Amals, but I think they're tired and shot, so I've ordered new ones from Steadfast Cycles. Im having the seat redone in black, but I love the beat up, faded gold and brown groovy paint scheme on the tank, so Im gonna leave it as is. Ill post my progress as I go along if anyone is interested. Life could always be worse, right?

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