Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Been raining for a week straight here in ol' Portland Orygun. Miserable...Been riding the Ironhead a little anyway, but the 40 year old drum brakes don't do so well in the pouring rain. In happier news, It looks like I may be keeping my baby, my '72 XLH was for sale, but Im getting my debts under control, so Im keeping her! So glad. It was painful seeing prospective buyers ride her. One guy came back visibly shaken after riding my 40 year old, loud, heavy ass Sporty saying the suspension was NOTHING like his Honda Magna! I told him he was better off with a new Nightster and that my bike was not for him. Man, I hate selling bikes....


  1. Great to hear you are able to keep your bike.

    Still can't believe you let a Honda owner ride it!!

  2. HAHAHA! I dont think my Sporty liked him...