Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tyler Adams BSA Thumper

My brutha from anutha mutha Tylers awesome BSA. Built the entire thing by hand...Artistry in motion.


  1. Way cool blog - the XLCH is the best isn't it? When I first started runnin' them 25 years ago - nobody thought I was cool - now, they're like the shit for a bunch of people. Glad to see you doing something and making it look right. Some of the bikes are really $%&@'d up aren't they . . . great stuff. -Noot

  2. Thanks Noot! Ive ALWAYS loved Ironheads. Ive never given a shit what people thought. The only Harley Ive ever wanted to own. My old man put thousands of miles on his '74 CH, so I guess its in my blood!